The Everyday Jiu Jitsu Podcast

The Everyday Jiu Jitsu Podcast Ep 1: This is The Everyday Jiu Jitsu Podcast

April 12, 2023 Matt Kwan Season 1 Episode 1
The Everyday Jiu Jitsu Podcast
The Everyday Jiu Jitsu Podcast Ep 1: This is The Everyday Jiu Jitsu Podcast
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Welcome to The Essential Jiu Jitsu Podcast! A place where you'll find everything you need to know about jiu jitsu.

In today's episode we'll talk about:

What is the mission statement of the EJJP?

  • To bring listeners the best educational BJJ content possible
  • Share knowledge from my personal studies and experiences
  • To emphasize the mental aspect of BJJ
  • To find and share the best teaching, learning, and training methods
  • To help practitioners of all levels

Who am I?

  • Co-Creator of the BJJ Mental Models Podcast 
  • Owner, Operator, and Head Coach of On Guard BJJ in Pitt Meadows, BC
  • Personal Interests: Hockey, Weightlifting, Health, Guitar, Drums, Gardening, Entrepeneur
  • Former SFU Grappling Coach
  • Author of “Zara Can Do Jiu Jitsu!”
  • Creator of the On Guard Online Academy

What makes EJJP different from other BJJ podcasts?

  • Educational lectures
  • Put the study and research of BJJ first
  • Will cover everything BJJ
  • Raw, unedited conversations

Who could benefit from this information? 

  • Coaches
  • Gym owners
  • Competitors
  • Beginners/advanced practitioners
  • Youth athletes

The shift of BJJ pedagogy from 90’s to now.

  • Old-style BJJ vs new
  • Athletes getting younger/starting younger
  • Training and teaching methods have changed
  • Information from the best athletes and coaches in the world is widely available
  • Free content available on many platforms

What is my role as an instructor between the old and new generation?

  • To give the next generation the most current pedagogy
  • To gather information from the best, condense it, and share it here
  • To help all practitioners get to the next level through podcasting
  • To keep the standards of BJJ high and encourage the highest quality 
  • To stay current as the sport moves on and I get older
  • To build not only great athletes, but great instructors who can produce great instructors

What you can expect from the show. 

  • Educational lectures
  • Show notes
  • Current events
  • Updates on my own personal competitions and preparations
  • Mini-series/premium content
  • Listener interaction; questions, suggestions, and ideas to improve the show
  • Interviews

Contact/Support The Show:
Instagram: @theessentialjiujitsupodcast
On Guard Online Academy:
Zara Can Do Jiu Jitsu!

Mission statement
Training smarter
Who I am
Kaizen mindset and Hockey
Zara Can Do Jiu Jitsu!
On Guard Online Academy
Why this podcast is different
Who can benefit from this show?
The shift in BJJ today (old vs new)
Learning resources
My role as an instructor
Keeping high standards
Building great instructors
What you can expect
How to contact and support the show