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The Everyday Jiu Jitsu Podcast Ep 3: Kimura

April 26, 2023 Matt Kwan Season 1 Episode 3
The Everyday Jiu Jitsu Podcast
The Everyday Jiu Jitsu Podcast Ep 3: Kimura
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What is the Kimura? 

-Japanese name: Ude Garami (Entangled Arm Lock)

-Figure-4 shoulder control and submission

-Shoulder is compromised through an internal rotation of the shoulder

-Allows you to control a stronger opponent with 2-on-1 control

-Requires “Ratchet control” (90 degree bend in the arm)

-Opposing pushing and pulling forces

-Can be used to pass the guard, take the back, sweep, take down or submit your opponent

-Applicable in both Gi and No Gi situations

Who invented the Kimura?
Masahiko Kimura

Combining Kimura with Submission Systems

-Kimura armbar control

-Kimura to triangle

-Kimura, Triangle, Armbar, Wristlock

Combining Kimura with Positional Advances

-Kimura single leg defense/sweep: sumi gaeshi

-Rolling Kimura guard pass

-Kimura to the back

Key Concepts:

The Rule of Hand Position

-Position vs. submission dilemma

-Hand in front of body: advance position

-Hand behind the body: advance submission

Elbow Lever

-Straighten arms instead of contracting

-The most efficient Kimura Control

-Works against much larger opponents

Thumbs or No Thumbs?

-Thumb grips prevent wrist-rolling; this movement creates more internal rotation in the targeted shoulder

-Pinning the wrist-à Use a C grip (thumbs)

-Once the figure-4 is locked-à Use a monkey grip (no thumbs)

The Power Line

-The most efficient angle to finish the Kimura submission

-From the top-à Diagonally from shoulder to hip

-From the bottom-à Your head lines up with your partner’s elbow and shoulder line (bottom triangle)

Pull vs. Push Kimura Finishes

-Pull dominant Kimura finishing mechanics are more efficient (side Kimura)

-Push dominant Kimura finishing mechanics are less efficient (dorsal Kimura)


Common Mistakes:

-Partner Straightens arm

-Partner can elbow slip

-Space between wrists

-Pulling at the armpit instead of the elbow

-Partner’s head can rise; roll-through problem


Key Positions:

Dorsal Kimura

-Push dominant finish

-Enter side Kimura, yoko sankaku, tarikoplata


-2 methods: Trapping far arm/Inserting bottom knee

-Enter crucifix, take the back, ushiro sankaku

Side Kimura

-Enter the power angle

-Strongest finishing position

-Pull dominant Kimura

Head & Arm Kimura

-AKA “Giftwrap”

-Excellent control to take the back from mount

-Can be used to transition to different armbars and triangles due to weightless legs

Legs Kimura (Tarikoplata)

-Good option from dorsal Kimura

-Made famous by Norwegian BJJ athlete Tarik Hopstock

-Useful even if hand is in front of opponent’s body


-Incredibly powerful as body weight is used to “Follow-through” for the finish

-Set up from top side omoplata position


-Invented by GB Black belt Rafael “Barata” Freitas

-Set up from failed triangle

-Very deceptive and surprising

-The Greatest Judoka in History-Masahiko Kimura:

-Masahiko Kimura:

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What is the Kimura?
Who was Masahiko Kimura?
Kimura vs Gracie
Kimura and Pro Wrestling
Combining Kimura with other submission systems
Combining Kimura with positional advances
Key concepts
Elbow lever
Thumbs or no thumbs?
The power line
Common mistakes
Key Kimura positions
Push vs pull Kimura mechanics
Dorsal Kimura
Critical control points
Head & arm Kimura (gift wrap)
Tarikoplata (legs KImura)
Kimura overview
Quick thought: Dating a BJJ athlete
1 thing I learned this week: Grappling Industries takeaways
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