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The Everyday Jiu Jitsu Podcast Ep 5: Overcoming Injury

May 10, 2023 Matt Kwan Season 1 Episode 5
The Everyday Jiu Jitsu Podcast
The Everyday Jiu Jitsu Podcast Ep 5: Overcoming Injury
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This topic is for every Jiu Jitsu practitioner, athlete, or coach. We look at gaining from setbacks like injuries instead of declining. I share my own injury/recovery experiences. Hope you enjoy!

Assessing an injury

- Do not ignore an injury, regardless of the severity

- How long will you be out of regular activity? 

- Why did the injury happen?

- What can be learned from the incident?

- What training can you still do?


- Stay positive

- Abundance mindset

- Kaizen mindset

- Focus on the long term goals instead of the short term setbacks

- Practice mental training; studying, observing, visualization

- Search athletes who have recovered from the same injury

- Avoid turning to substances and food for comfort

- Manage dopamine levels, avoid negative habits

- Accept the process of recovery as a part of your journey

- Prepare a plan to return to sport

Take control/Make a plan

- Is surgery necessary?
- Physiotherapy/strength training
- Accept help from others/Accountability partners
- Mental studying
- Observational learning
- Keep attending classes

Example of (my) recovery plan (right knee, meniscus)

 Overall Goal: 

- Return to regular full intensity sparring

- Return to competition

- Full range of motion 

- Pain-free

 Small measurable goals:

- Be patient with recovery

-Good diet and sleep habits

- Track the range of motion, stability, and strength

- Note any sensitivity, catching, or locking

- Learn 1 new thing a day

 Why is this relevant?:

- Training and competition are important
-Injuries are common

- If left unaddressed, the athlete will never reach my full potential in sport (setbacks, re-injury, etc.)

- Overall quality of life

 Long term goals:

- Heal for the time recommended by the physiotherapist and surgeon

- Gradually increase workload and difficulty of exercises as the months go on 

-Improve understanding of Jiu Jitsu through this time

- Return to sport at full intensity

- Train to prevent future injuries

 Post-injury recovery

- Return slowly and carefully

- Only train with trusted training partners of the same size

- Ongoing strength and physiotherapy conditioning

- Reflect on overcoming the injury

-Prioritize longevity

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Assessing an injury
My knee issues
How long will you be out for?
My meniscus repair
Mental training
Avoid bad habits
Take control/Make a plan
Example of my recovery plan (right knee, meniscus)
Quick Thought - Who do you look up in jiu-jitsu at this point of your career and why
Thing I learned this week
What I am doing next
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