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The Everyday Jiu Jitsu Podcast Ep 6: Being a Great Corner

May 17, 2023 Matt Kwan Season 1 Episode 6
The Everyday Jiu Jitsu Podcast
The Everyday Jiu Jitsu Podcast Ep 6: Being a Great Corner
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This episode is aimed toward competitors, coaches, parents, and anyone who corners athletes at Jiu Jitsu tournaments. Being an effective corner means more than just being a good cheerleader; it is an important role that could potentially affect the outcome of a match. Here, I discuss what to do and what not to do for those in this position.

Traits of an effective corner

- Good voice projection
- Prioritizes their athletes winning on competition day
- Knowledgeable
- Tournament experience (competing/coaching)
- Understands what it takes to win at a high level
- Understands your game, strengths, and weaknesses
- Understands the rules of the given competition
- Understands the ebb and flow of a JJ match (offensive vs defensive cycle dichotomy)
- Gives clear and concise advice in a timely manner
- Gives the athlete insight on potential opponents
- Lets the athlete know the time and score of the match
- Communicates with the athlete about potential strategic changes during a match
- Advocates verbally for the athlete during the match
- Provides confidence and reassurance at the right times

Traits of an ineffective corner

- Gives ineffective or poor advice
- Berates or scolds the athlete during a match
- Ignores the strengths of potential opponents
- Gives the athlete false confidence
- Unable to foresee certain dangers during a match
- Becomes overly emotional
- Gives too much advice
- Gives away the athlete’s strategy or intention to their opponent or opponent's corner during a match
- Lack of voice projection
- Also in charge of recording footage

Preparing for competition day

- Designate multiple people to corner students if necessary
- Have meeting(s) leading up to the event where the coaches can plan the best path to success
- Think of the entire event, predicting potential challenges and surprises
- Sometimes corners will be competing or refereeing on competition day
- Asign someone to record footage for marketing and research purposes
- Lean on parents and teammates; provide education for them to be effective corners or team support

Quick thought: The life cycle of an instructor

- Serve "Apprenticeship" and become black belt/qualified to coach
- Find a location to build a school
- Build your brand and reputation
- Acquire students
- You begin as the top dog at the academy
- Expand academy (5-10 years)
- Give back to the JJ community
- Continue self-growth and progression in Jiu Jitsu
- Create a team of knowledgeable practitioners WHO ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT KAIZEN MINDSET AND INSTRUCTION
- As the academy matures and develops, allow others to lead and teach
- Create other ways to develop and spread your brand; content, affiliates, seminars
- As your team develops over the years, your students will start to smash you
- Your kids mature, become high level, and will start to smash you
- Come to the realization that you may no longer be the top dog at the dojo, and that's ok!
- Never lose sight of what made you successful in the first place
- Give people a reason to keep training under you
- Eventually students begin teaching classes, allowing you to travel, vacation, and focus on other aspects of the business
- As you age, prioritize physical longevity, knowledge acquisition, maintaining relationships with students and customers, and developing JJ in your community
- Never retire
- Leave a legacy behind you; raise the level of JJ compared to when you began

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