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Ep. 8: IBJJF vs ADCC

May 31, 2023 Matt Kwan Season 1 Episode 8
The Essential Jiu Jitsu Podcast
Ep. 8: IBJJF vs ADCC
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In this week’s episode, we discuss and contrast the differences in rule set and tournament experience between the IBJJF and ADCC. I also talk about the role of the referee in these competitions, why you should learn to referee, and what I would like to see from the ADCC in the future as this popular organization continues to expand their brand. Enjoy the show!

 Contrasting Rule Sets

- No advantages are awarded in ADCC
- Penalty is represented as a negative point in ADCC
- ADCC matches have a sub-only period, followed by a points period

- ADCC has a potential overtime period
- ADCC favours a wider spectrum of grappling styles
- ADCC sweeps do not need to be initiated from the guard
- Athletes can turtle to avoid sweep and takedown scores in ADCC
- ADCC allows different scoring positions for rear mount; crossed ankles, body triangle, etc.
- ADCC allows point harvesting in certain positions; knee on belly, rear mount, etc.
- There are no cumulative points in ADCC
- Clean sweeps and takedowns are awarded in ADCC (4 points)
- Fleeing the match area is more difficult in ADCC; matches continue out of bounds
- It is generally harder to score under the ADCC rule set
- IBJJF penalizes any communications with the ref
- Slams out of submissions are permitted in ADCC
- Closeouts have been recently penalized in IBJJF by fine
- You must have some takedown skills to succeed in ADCC at the highest levels
- ADCC doesn't test for PEDs


- IBJJF charges annual memberships, black belt authentication
- ADCC requires no paid annual membership or rank certification

 The Role Of The Referee

- Ideally, the referee shouldn’t play a large role in the outcome of a match; the referee is not the star of the show

- The referee is the uncontrollable variable

- The referee in IBJJF does all the scoring and has all authority, unless in a finals match (3 referees)

- Sometimes IBJJF referees use an earpiece (not for all matches)
- ADCC referee is in charge of communicating and the table does the scoring; ADCC referees generally have less immediate responsibilities than in IBJJF
- There are arguably less bad calls at ADCC competitions
- Competitors and corners are allowed to communicate with the ref in ADCC; this action is penalized in IBJJF

 Contrasting (My) Tournament Experience

- ADCC officials and staff members try to educate competitors and coaches
- Staff is generally more welcoming at ADCC events
- Warm up areas are better at IBJJF events
- ADCC finals matches in the advanced divisions are saved for the end of the event; this is more spectator friendly

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