The Essential Jiu Jitsu Podcast

Ep. 9: Optimizing with Instructionals

June 07, 2023 Matt Kwan Season 1 Episode 9
The Essential Jiu Jitsu Podcast
Ep. 9: Optimizing with Instructionals
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This week I talk about how instructionals can help you reach new levels in Jiu Jitsu. I discuss what instructionals to watch, study methods, and creating a routine. A kaizen mindset is the key to pushing yourself to the next level and avoiding plateaus. Enjoy the show and get studying!

The Value Of Instructionals

-Instructionals provide context, mechanics, strategy, and insight to JJ techniques 
-JJ is an arms race and a game of systems
-Every practitioner can benefit from instructionals 
-Mental studying is heavily underutilized
-Supplement physical training with mental training
-Studying is great for injured athletes
-Not all instructionals are created equal 
-Don't rely on your coach to teach you everything 

What Content To Absorb

- Mental training is an investment (as is injury prevention)
-Free content (YouTube/Instagram)
-Online academies
-Study and emulate the best coaches and competitors 
-Study instructors you enjoy watching
-Study to your strengths and weaknesses
-Integrate techniques that work well for your body type
-Follow current trends
-Study what works in high level competition
-Avoid techniques you have never seen work in live scenarios
-Try to discern what is effective and ineffective 
-Study the main rule sets of Jiu Jitsu

For Coaches

-Not every student learns the same way
-Information must be accurately taken in, systemized, and passed effectively to students
-Lessons must be planned with the ability of the student in mind; kids, beginners, advanced, competitors, etc.
-Prioritize true understanding of information instead of regurgitation
-Game-based teaching methods are great for improving Jiu Jitsu in a short amount of time (Greg Souders ecological approach)
-Prioritize the tactics, mechanics, and strategy for any technique
-Encourage kaizen mindset

Making Time For Study

-Create a routine based around good habits
-Consistency creates results over time
-Create time for mental training
-Everyone should be able to find 10 minutes a day to study; find pockets of time
-Every instructor or coach should study new material


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The value of instructionals
For the coaches out there
Everyone can benefit from instructionals
Not all instructionals are created equal
Who is watching the content?
What content should you watch?
Free content vs instructionals
Playing to strengths and weaknesses
Avoid what is ineffective
What if I find instructionals boring?
What is the best way to study?
Playback speeds
Respecting your mental bandwidth
My instructor doesn’t study…
Transferring knowledge to the student
Creating a routine
What did we learn?
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